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Prime English Studio szkoła językowa w Lublinie
Nauka języka angielskiego w Lublinie - Prime English Studio
Polish for Foreigners - nauka i kursy językowe w Lublinie

Polish for Foreigners

Prime English Studio

If you want to learn Polish and experience its rich and varied culture feel invited to join our Polish for Foreigners Course.

Prime English Studio means:

  • groups up to 10 students - an individual approach to every student
  • experienced  teachers who are not only extremely creative, but also very passionate about teaching
  • using modern, highly effective methods and techniques
  • learning in a pleasant and very friendly atmosphere
  • the quality you are looking for!

We offer group lessons in one of our onsite classrooms, your home or office in which you can learn a great deal by sharing knowledge and experience with other students. You will gain encouragment from the group and have fun taking part in different group learning activities.

We also offer individual lessons in one of our onsite classrooms, your home or office. We provide individual lessons tailored to the specific needs or requirements of our clients. These courses are conducted at our premises or at a location proposed by our students.


Ceny kursu standardowego Polish for Foreigners (gr. 4-10 osób) znajdziesz w cenniku, w tabeli "inne języki". Dla grup o mniejszej liczebności obowiązują ceny z tabeli "Prime VIP".



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